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So, here at The Game Butcher we do things a little different. When you call we will talk with you to custom cut your game. You want tomahawk steaks?...done, you want venison porter house steaks?...done, you want venison cube steaks to make Philly cheese steaks?...done! Anything we are able to do, we will do for you.


Standard: $85.00

includes: chuck stew, chuck steak or roast, shoulder steak or roast, neck bones, short ribs, spare ribs, rib steaks or roast, porterhouse steaks, cutlets ( for venison parm), top round london broil or roast, top sirloin steak or roast, sirloin steaks, bottom round roast, round cube for kabob, or whole bone in leg steaks.

Boneless: $95.00

Includes: stew, chuck roast, shoulder roast, boneless rib steak or roast, boneless loin steak or roast, cutlet ( for venison parm), top round london broil or roast, top sirloin steak or roast, sirloin steak, bottom round roast, 

The Game Butcher special: $85.00

Let us show you what we are capable of. The Game Butcher special will allow the butcher to be as creative as possible with all the cuts. We don't think you will be disappointed with this option.

Add Ons: each add on is an  $10.00

       Add ons include: sausage meat and tenderizing

Big Game:

Due to the size of our facility, we are unable to skin big game on site. However if the animal is skinned and quartered we can butcher anything you throw at us. 

Bear: $1.00/lb (skinned and quartered before arrival)

Elk: $1.00/lb (skinned and quartered before arrival)

Pig(s): $1.00/lb (DEHAIRED and quartered before arrival)

accommodations can be made for quartering just ask the butcher


*Game must be fully dressed and cleaned out on arrival 


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